Commissioned Works

In our pursuit of all things beautiful, we have commissioned several works that celebrate South African art from a palette of artists.

The artists come from a variety of backgrounds and use a variety of mediums, all creating splendid masterpieces that you’ll find hanging on the walls and dotted around our hotel.

Meet The Artists


Chris Diedriecks Christiaan Diedericks: Christiaan is a professional artist, as well as an educator and creative process navigator. Chris has exhibited extensively throughout Southern Africa, as well as internationally. His work has been exhibited in the USA, Japan, Finland, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Belgium, England, Sweden and France, where he worked, as artist in residence, at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. “In my work, time and space appear to dissolve, and an air of conflict erupts,” Christiaan says. “This is often a direct result of a personal aim to calm and disturb at the same time – drawing parallels between the two extremes of utopia and dystopia.”


Gregg Brill Gregg Brill: Gregg is responsible for the impressive swallow artwork hanging in MannaBay. Entitled “Migration I: Sprites of the Sky”, it tells the story of the annual swallow migration from Europe to South Africa. The tiny birds, some weighing less than 20g undertake an epic journey of some 6000 miles every year, chasing the summer in search of food, mates and a home. Migration I: Sprites of the Sky comprises three key elements: wood, plexiglass and brass. Each element depicts a key element of the migration and has a special story to tell. The piece has exactly 200 birds which signify the 200 miles they travel each day. Each bird in the installation weighs between 12g and 65g – the exact weight of the birds that migrate from Europe to South Africa each year. One bird faces the opposite direction – the beginning of a never-ending journey.


Karin Miller Karin Miller: South African artist and graphic designer, Karin Miller’s work can be described as ‘fantasy pastiche’ with a surreal edge, engaging with contemporary social issues. Based in Pretoria, Karin uses her art to confront themes like politics, current affairs and history, religion, gender and race. She often features specific characters in her collages, including the famous faces of Paul Kruger, Queen Elizabeth II and Jacob Zuma. ‘I use the two main metaphors of disguise and pattern – I play games of hide and seek with the viewer,” says Karin. “Issues are veiled; in the discovery of detail, deceit is unveiled and absurdly inverted. My art deals with the inherently human ability to laugh at ourselves, and consequently, to play and take risks.”


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