With the help of Chris Møller from the Christopher Møller Art Gallery in Cape Town, MannaBay’s walls are now a work of art in themselves.

Chris hand-selected the paintings that adorn the hallways and suites at MannaBay, focusing mainly on young and upcoming artists and high quality art sourced from South Africa and abroad. Find out more about the creators behind these works of art in the Artist Biographies below and be sure to visit the Christopher Møller Art Gallery while in Cape Town.

Visit the Christopher Møller Art Gallery: 7 Kloofnek Road, Gardens, Cape Town | Tel: 021 422 1599 | Website:


art 1Albert Coertse – Albert is a Cape Town-based artist, specialising in oil as a preferred medium. Coertse lives outside of Knysna, away from the cities. He has done commissioned portraiture, figurative work and landscapes, but over recent years, abstract forms composed his pictorial language. There is a wonderful feeling of simplicity in an Albert Coertse work; using vertical and horizontal lines, he breaks his landscapes up into their most basic form. The use of interlocking lines is cubist in nature, which builds rhythm and movement giving the viewer a sense of harmony.

‘Karoo Karma’, oil on carved panel, 100 x 100cm


Hugh Mbayiwa 'Top-Tip', mixed media on canvas, 113 x 149cm. Hugh Mbayiwa – Hugh was born in Zimbabwe in 1973 and has a National Certificate in Drawing and Painting at the BAT Visual Studio in Harare. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions. The two defining characteristics of Hugh’s work are his brushwork and colour. When viewing Hugh’s work, one gets a sense of urgency, almost as if he has painted a scene in a matter of hours. He likes to use bright bold colours, reminiscent of early impressionists. His work is about celebrating life, and his use of colour expresses our vivacity for living. He paints ordinary every day scenes, capturing moments that we would normally take for granted.

‘Top-Tip’, mixed media on canvas, 113 x 149cm


Carla Van Zyl 'Demara Dreamer', mixed media on canvas, 190 x 150cm Carla Van Zyl: Carla van Zyl lives in a cottage on her family’s farm outside of Gordons Bay. Her family is originally from Namibia, but moved down to South Africa, where they have a farm. Carla has no tertiary education in art, and is largely self taught. She first arrived at the gallery in 2009, at the age of 21. It is in her nature to try and ‘push’ her works to new levels. She is always trying to better herself, trying new techniques and styles. She has great passion and this comes through in her work. She is devoted to the genre, ‘Hyper-Realism’, which involves taking subtle elements to create an illusion of reality.

‘Demara Dreamer’, mixed media on canvas, 190 x 150cm

Watch the making of ‘Demara Dreamer’ at Christopher Møller Art Gallery.


'Koppies Mapungubwe', oil on canvas, 80 x 100cm Jaco Roux: Jaco Roux was born in South Africa and has a BA Fine Arts (Hons) Degree from the University of Pretoria. In 1996 Jaco was chosen to represent South Africa in the Neuchatel Arts Exposition in Switzerland. Jaco has participated in numerous landscape exhibitions in South Africa, UK, Ireland, Croatia and Switzerland. Jaco Roux paints from the heart, guided by his intuition and strong feelings for the bushveld landscape where he grew up. “In my work I attempt to capture the dramatic landscapes in and around the Soutpansberg and Limpopo Valley with its rough textures strong colours and sharp contrasts.”

‘Koppies Mapungubwe’, oil on canvas, 80 x 100cm


'Grey Seascape', oil on canvas, 130 x 200cm Louis Nel: Louis was born in Cape Town in 1973, and spent most of his youth growing up in Cape Town and Pretoria. In his twenties, he worked in the film industry, working as a set painter and a props person. Louis has had a passion for painting since his early childhood, but only became a full time artist in 2004. Louis Nel work focuses on seascapes and landscapes. He prefers the term ‘mindscape’ because he uses the environment as a vehicle for his expressionist work. Looking at these scenes, in many of us serves as a wonderful sense of detachment from everyday life and its problems, suggesting a more reflective and spiritual awareness.

‘Grey Seascape’, oil on canvas, 130 x 200cm



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